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Angelcare AC401 Baby Movement Sensor Pad and Sound Monitor

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It’s tough being a parent. You can’t help but worry about your baby every minute of every day, even when your baby is sleeping soundly. But we can help remove some of that concern with the Angelcare AC401 baby monitor. This 2-in-1 monitor detects sound and movement, so if your baby is still for 20 seconds, you’ll be alerted. And that’s just one of many great monitoring features. You’ll find the sound quality is crystal clear, and it also comes with a rechargeable mobile Parent Unit. In fact, everything you could possibly need to enjoy the experience of parenthood.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews:

Trust me on this….it’s the one you want!!!!,

What a task finding baby monitors is!!!! I did so much research but I really feel it paid off with this monitor. Firstly, who the hell needs a monitor with video? It’s just insane to assume that you’ll sit there all night looking at a 3 inch screen when you might as well just stand by the cot all night. The Angelcare saves you on this one because the movement sensor pad will tell you if there’s something you need to deal with quickly. I was worried about false alarms, but after 3 weeks of using this we’ve not had one false start. I even ran some hardcore tests where I literally just stroked my fingers over the surface of the mattress and this thing picks it up. I then got paranoid and thought if it was this sensitive then surely it might mistake someone playing music loudly downstairs for heartbeat movement in the cot, so I did some jumping up and down next to the cot and it didn’t pick that up – perfect, despite how dumb I looked at the time!

The handheld is nice and slick with a good user interface and shows the room temperature (not that I pay much attention to room thermometers – you know if it’s too hot for crying out loud). It also doesn’t contantly monitor the audio (which in other monitors means you sit in your living room listening to static hiss all night). This is clever by only playing audio when it detects baby crying. If the baby stops crying it will leave the audio channel open for a minute afterwards. You can also set alerts for if the temperature drops below or goes above a certain point (which you set yourself).

I’ve read some reviews moaning about build quality but honestly I don’t get it; all these things feel a little bit ‘Fisher Price’ if you ask me, and actually I think these are well made compared to the competition – oh and don’t worry about thick walls as the range on this is great (I got half way down the garden when testing).

The only thing some people have moaned about is that you can’t sit the sensor pad on wooden slats (ie, the base of every cot) and you need a 6mm thick square of wood to sit the pad on. When you unpack the box you’ll note there is a square piece of card which is on top of the sensor (just part of the packaging) and I use that and it works fine.

I’ve actively recommended it to friends because I think this is the best monitor you can buy and it won’t break the bank.

Quality and peace of mind,
I bought this model a few days ago following a couple of disaster purchases (esential video monitor.) Being a 1st time parent, it’s important to have faith in the monitor you choose – The sound quality on this model is superb (zero interference) and this has so many great features over and above the movement sensor – such as temperature alarm, also the choice of sound activated monitoring or continuous. The night light is lovely also, just enough to see my daughter without disturbing her putting extra lights on – I would recommend this to any parent.

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Angelcare AC401 Baby Movement Sensor Pad and Sound Monitor
Angelcare AC401 Baby Movement Sensor Pad and Sound Monitor